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23 Jan 2009


Web Design Trend: Typography

Typography is sometimes overlooked in web design, or in most cases, considered, but not considered nearly enough. Text is everywhere, from web design, to t-shirts, posters, and signs. The elements of a font can influence and determine how a viewer perceives a design, just as much as images, color, and other more noticeable web elements.

19 Jan 2009


jQuery Tutorial: Part II: Cascading Menu

A cascading menu is a navigation technique that can add a lot of style to any website. Without flash, you can create a flash-like navigation system that is not only fun to look at and use, but is also functional and organized.

We will be creating a very ugly cascading menu for this tutorial, but with a bit of CSS knowledge and creativity, you can make yourself a custom-made and fun menu. Here is what we’ll be making:

Cascading Menu:

17 Jan 2009


All About the New CSS3

It took about 10 years, but CSS3 has finally been created. Hopefully, soon, CSS2 will be no more. I’m sure most of you are like me, you don’t care about what version of CSS you’re using, as long as you know how to use it. That’s why the introduction of CSS3 didn’t appeal to me at first. I soon found out though, that there may be a bit I want to learn about it.

10 Jan 2009


5 Little Things to Spice up Any Design

Attention to detail is the best policy for making great designs. It’s fairly easy to get a basic CSS layout up and running, whether you code it yourself or borrow it from a blank template site. For anyone who’s tried to make a great design, though, they can easily tell that making the design truly great is the hardest part. If you find yourself always displeased with your finished result, perhaps the problem is that you shouldn’t actually be finished.