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29 May 2009


The Ultimate WordPress Theme Developer List

I’ll probably be adding more as I find things, and feel free to add your own resources in the comments. I’ll add them to the list as well when I get a chance.

For a bit of motivation, here are the prizes again!

1st Place: $100 via PayPal or 1yr. of free advertising on

2nd Place: $50 via PayPal or 6mo. of free advertising on

3rd Place: $25 via PayPal or a free domain name

All participants have the choice of their WordPress theme being featured on Webitect during and after the contest, and available for download. As a benefit, any theme is allowed to host a personal link to your own blog or website.

General Code you can Copy


Tutorials and Walkthroughs

Blank Starter Themes

24 May 2009


50 Textures of Man-made Origin

I’ve collected 50, relatively large and high-resolution textures created by humans in some way, under the categories of fiberglass, packaging, rubber, Styrofoam, tape, electronics, tile, concrete, brick, signs, and graffiti. With such a wide variety of form man can make, using these textures to create art is only a small step away.

20 May 2009


Web design tips: The pros and cons of splash pages

Splash pages are often thought of as ‘pretty little additions’ to a website, but not thought of more than that. One should look closer, however, and truly examine the benefits or deficits of splash pages, before just throwing one on a website.

Why does one need to think closely about this? Many new webmasters don’t realize how big of an impact a splash page can have on an entire website. This impact can be good or bad, depending solely on how, and why, a designer uses a splash page.

16 May 2009


Important Components in Portfolio Design

For those planning on building a portfolio for the first time, an important initial step is to understand the basic components of this type of website, and why each are important. By understanding what’s needed, a designer can then work around these core features to create the unique and visually appealing design they need to get noticed.

Here are 5 major components of portfolio designs to help a beginning web designer get started on the right track.

12 May 2009


5 Tools for the Lazy Web Designer

Sometimes we get lazy from time to time, but still need to get some website work done. Fortunately, there are thousands of tools to help designers, with some being more beneficial than others. Here are 5 of the best tools for web designers I’ve found so far.

They deal with a variety of topics covering typography, colors, navigation, layouts, and dummy text. Hopefully these tools can also help a lazy designer find the first small step into getting back into the designing routine.

07 May 2009


35 Grunge Resources: Brushes, textures, fonts and more

Grunge design is very popular right now, but can only be implemented with the correct resources. A design may need brushes, textures, fonts, the correct colors, and a set of tutorials to pull off a variety of effects.

Here are 35 excellent grunge resources for anyone to use. For more information on how to create a grunge-style website layout, visit Webitect’s tutorial: Grunge Web Design Tutorial.

04 May 2009


30 jQuery Tutorials for Complete Beginners

jQuery (a friendly JavaScript library) seems to be substatially popular among programmers, and even non-programmers. It’s capability to add more visual appeal and dynamic solutions to websites makes it ideal for all webmasters.

I haven’t been able to continue the jQuery tutorials on Webitect at a pace I originally would’ve liked to, so I’m going to share 30 jQuery tutorials that are easy to follow, and most of which have helped me get started. First, let’s do a quick review on what jQuery is, for those who are unaware.