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30 Sep 2009


5 Finishing Options to Print a Business Card

Business card of today have proven that it can be another important piece to improve a portfolio, whether it’s created for your own or for a client. The idea of a rectangular business card with just typography with necessary information is completely gone and the business cards of today have a lot of design to offer.

29 Sep 2009


40 Delightful Pieces of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is the art of blurring or bending the perspective of the camera so that everyday, life-size objects look delightfully miniature. Here are 40 great examples of just that form of photography, both for inspiration and fun!

28 Sep 2009


The Pros and Cons of 10 Unique Photographers Portfolio Websites

The idea of browsing through a photographer portfolio is the same to open a photo book and smoothly go through all the photos, but depending on the design of the website the experience may not be so smooth.

The most important thing about a photographer website is not the design, but the structure that is going to show his portfolio. Each photographer has a different portfolio in every aspect therefore their websites are very unique to fit their own display of work.

23 Sep 2009


10 Things You Don’t Know About Scoring Web Design Clients

Clients are essential to a freelancing business, but many new designers don’t know how to get them. Here are ten things to know in order to gain a larger client base for you business.

One of the most scary areas of freelancing is not being able to find enough clients in order to make a living. Many just starting out have trouble knowing to to gain clients, and some unfortunately end up giving up freelancing altogether. However, finding and obtaining clients can be an easy task, when dealt with the correct way.

22 Sep 2009


75+ Marvelous Hand-Picked Navigation Menus

Navigation is one of the most important elements of web page design, and it is often overlooked or not given much thought. A good designer will try to create more unique navigation styles, rather than just focusing on basic browser-safe type.

21 Sep 2009


How to Accurately and Effectively Research a Web Design Style

As we grow and learn as web designers, we all tend to lean to one style in particular, and it helps define us, and our work, as individuals. However, to grow, we need to learn new things.

Sometimes a client wants something else, so we need to abide — though we can (and should) learn to design in new styles for our own personal benefit as well. With that, we can discover and perfect our understanding of alternative design principles, learn how to work with new design elements, and overall broaden our skill set.

16 Sep 2009


20 Effective Download Buttons — Plus Tips and Examples

Especially for websites that center around user downloads, an attractive, easy-to-find ‘Download’ button is an essential design element. Here we’ll look at what others are doing, what makes a good button, and what you can do to spice up any download buttons on your site.

Whether you’re offering software, Photoshop brushes, free icons, or something else, a download button is an important part of your UI design. Here are 20 buttons to learn from- they come from a variety of sites in a variety of styles, but they all have something to teach us.

13 Sep 2009


5 Essential tips to Create a Good and Original Listing Post

It’s easy to see that “Roundup/listing” posts are the biggest blogging trend of the year; every single blog you go to has a listing of something, the coolest this, the best of that, some blogs don’t even have any other content besides listings.

It’s very hard to be original when you have thousands of listings being posted everyday, and you don’t want to disappoint your users by showing them something they have already seen before.

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