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29 Apr 2010


Quick and Dirty Content Filtering with PHP

The PHP language includes lots of helpful functions for easily filtering, cleaning and manipulating content, all of which are excellent tools in the hands of a skilled developer. A solid knowledge of these filtering tools will help you achieve enhanced security and functionality in your projects.

Today, I’m going to give you a crash course on PHP’s basic filtering functions so that by the end of the tutorial you’ll be able to easily escape data, strip tags, remove words and more.

09 Apr 2010


6 Under-The-Radar jQuery Animation Plugins That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

There are plenty of great, useful jQuery plugins out there. It’s great to have those kinds of plugins and know where to find them, and the community has done an excellent job of giving those plugins the attention they deserve.

There’s a whole other class of plugins, however – brilliant masterpieces that make your jaw drop as you go, “Whoa!! How did they do that?!” You don’t find them every day, but they’re definitely out there. Today we’re going to dig through the development community and unearth 6 of those amazing under-publicized animation plugins that are guaranteed to impress every developer-at-heart. Let’s get started!

05 Apr 2010


20 Free Stylish, Zesty & Modern Fonts You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

We are always on the search for modern and trendy fonts simply because fonts are an important aspect of our creative designs. Just for this purpose, I put together a collection of 20 my current favorite modern fonts you may download and start using right away. All of them are free!