Are you on the edge of your seat waiting for our next post to come out? You can bide your time by checking out some of Webitect’s awesome older posts from past months. Enjoy!

March 2013

  1. Web Developers: Simple Ways to Streamline Your Business, Improve Productivity and Increase Cash Flow

February 2013

  1. A Showcase of Beautifully Crafted, Free UI Kits

December 2012

  1. 10 Great Tools for Testing Your Website on Mobile Devices

November 2012

  1. Lessons on Reducing Your Web App’s Bounce Rate by 75 Percent

October 2012

  1. A Showcase of Beautifully Designed Coming Soon Pages

August 2012

  1. Fractal Giveaway Winners Announced!

  2. Fractal – Awesome Email Design Tool Giveaway

  3. 10 Secrets That Can Make Your Next Email Design Better

August 2010

  1. 40 Breathtaking Graphic Design Examples

  2. Improve your Typography – 20 Exceptional Free Fonts

  3. What You Need to Know about Cross-Cultural Web Design

June 2010

  1. Creating Fancy Checkmark Icons with Pure CSS3

  2. Exclusive Freebie – “Groovy” Social Media Icon Set

April 2010

  1. Quick and Dirty Content Filtering with PHP

  2. 6 Under-The-Radar jQuery Animation Plugins That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

  3. 20 Free Stylish, Zesty & Modern Fonts You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

March 2010

  1. Experience the Power of Desktop Blogging – Tips & Tools to Get You Started

  2. Create A Simple Letter Press Effect in Photoshop

  3. 300+ Essential WordPress Hacks, Tools and Frameworks that Will Change the Way You Develop Themes

  4. Create an Impressive Content Editing System with jQuery and PHP

February 2010

  1. 6 Smashingly Practical CSS3 Effects You Can Use Right Now

  2. 40 Magnificent Vector Portrait Examples

  3. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Portfolios

  4. 5 Steps to an Effective Freelancing Schedule

  5. 350+ Amazing CSS3 Resources – All You’ll Ever Need to Become a CSS3 Master!

  6. 30+ Tips, Tools and Resources for Taking the Pain out of Cross-Browser CSS

  7. 15 Secrets That Can Make Your Next Blog Design More Effective

  8. 20 Inspiring Rainbow Colored Websites

January 2010

  1. Open Thread: What Makes You a Good Designer?

  2. 15 Ways to Expand Your Horizons as a Designer

  3. Top 10 Free Applications That Help Designers Stay Organized

  4. Top 10 Ways for a Designer to Screw Up

  5. 50 Free Tools Every Designer Will Love

  6. WordPress Plugin Bootcamp Part 5 – A High-Caliber Resource Toolbox

  7. WordPress Plugin Bootcamp Part 4 – A Real Life Excercise

  8. WordPress Plugin Bootcamp Part 3 – Write Post Hacks, Shortcodes and TinyMCE

  9. WordPress Plugin Bootcamp Part 2 – Pages,Widgets & Options

  10. WordPress Plugin Bootcamp Part 1 – Getting Started

  11. The Ultimate Best of ’09 Collection

November 2009

  1. Super List of Web Designs Round Up for Inspiration

  2. Inside the Studio of Southern Media

  3. 12 Books To Improve Your Web Design Game

  4. Flash Template for Designers Giveaway by Warm Forest

  5. Increasing Online Sales Using Persuasive Elements

  6. HTML 5 Overview and Resources Showcase

  7. Workspace is Part of our Lives

  8. Javascript Objects 101

  9. Color of the Web: Purple

  10. Free Software Alternatives to Substitute Adobe Products

October 2009

  1. Building Instant Rapport with Your Clients

  2. Web Designs Prices: Charging With Confidence

  3. 20 Amazing Samples of Web Typography

  4. The Freelancing Checklist: Before Going Full-Time

  5. CSS Galleries – Getting the best out of them

  6. Announcing the Breadou Donut Giveaway Winners

  7. A Webitect Birthday Freebie: 25pc. Blue Icon Set

  8. How Famous Web Designers Present their Portfolio

  9. User-Centric Javascript – How to Use it, How it Can Help You

  10. Breadou Donut Wrist-Wrest Giveaway (for Webitect’s 1st Birthday!)

  11. 10 Samples of How Blogs Display Their Posts

  12. Incredible Digital Illustrations by Jerico Santander

  13. 40 Black and White Minimalistic WordPress Themes

  14. 25 Black & White Minimalistic Web Designs

  15. 15 Must Know Sources for Free Web Graphics

September 2009

  1. 5 Finishing Options to Print a Business Card

  2. 40 Delightful Pieces of Tilt-Shift Photography

  3. The Pros and Cons of 10 Unique Photographers Portfolio Websites

  4. 10 Things You Don’t Know About Scoring Web Design Clients

  5. 75+ Marvelous Hand-Picked Navigation Menus

  6. How to Accurately and Effectively Research a Web Design Style

  7. 20 Effective Download Buttons — Plus Tips and Examples

  8. 5 Essential tips to Create a Good and Original Listing Post

  9. 60 Amazing Examples of Typography Posters

  10. Pushing Your Blog to the Top — 10 Ways to Make it Happen

  11. Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for Great Logo Design

  12. The Benefits of Running a Blog as a Freelancer (Tips Included)

  13. Create a Graceful jQuery Tabbed Widget in 5 Easy Steps

August 2009

  1. Create a Portfolio Client Area Using PHP and MySQL: Part 5

  2. 5 Habits to Help You Complete Your Project in Record Time

  3. 20+ Creative Album Cover Designs for Inspiration

  4. 50 Blue Websites: Variety in the Most Common Color

  5. The Top 10 Typography Rules All in One Place

  6. 15 Twitter Design Tutorials, Walkthroughs, and Best Practices

  7. Conducting Collaborative Design Sessions – Part 4: Maintain

  8. The Art of User-Centric Web Design

  9. 25+ Intriquet Examples of Macro Photography in Nature

  10. 65 Must-Know CSS Strategies and Tutorials

  11. Conducting Collaborative Design Sessions – Part 3: Facilitate

  12. Create a Portfolio Client Area Using PHP and MySQL: Part 4

  13. Grunge Web Design Tutorials to Learn New Techniques

  14. 20+ HDR Photographs that Make the Ordinary Look Extraordinary

  15. 25 Brilliant Digital Art Pieces Inspired by Outer-Space

  16. Conducting Collaborative Design Sessions – Part 2: Inform

July 2009

  1. This Week’s Best Online Sources for Inspiration

  2. 5 Ways to Become a Better Designer, Right Now

  3. Top 10 Twitter Add-ons For Firefox

  4. Create a Portfolio Client Area Using PHP and MySQL: Part 3

  5. Conducting Collaborative Design Sessions – Part 1: Prepare

  6. 8 Days to Become a Stress-Free Freelance Designer

  7. 50 Pink Web Designs – Because Everyone Knows Pink is the New Black

  8. 10 Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Design Blog

  9. 21 Vintage Poster Designs from Around the World

  10. How To Be Creative

  11. Object Oriented PHP: The Basics

  12. T-Shirts to Flaunt Your Love for Typography

  13. Passive Income for Freelancers: Build Today for a Strong Tomorrow

  14. 15 Really Great Illustrator Tutorials

  15. 101 Killer WordPress Plugins to Meet Anyone’s Needs

  16. How to Find Motivation During the Design Process

  17. 12 SEO Tips to Get Discovered by Google

  18. 106 Tutorials for Really Cool Photo Manipulations

  19. Create a Portfolio Client Area Using PHP and MySQL: Part 2

  20. How to Get Web Design Clients: Five Factors You Must Address

  21. 25 Wonderfully Creative Vector Illustrations

  22. Create a Portfolio Client Area Using PHP and MySQL: Part 1

  23. 4 Small Web 2.0 Design Tricks that Make a Big Difference

  24. 22 Photoshop Tutorials for Awesome Lighting Effects

June 2009

  1. 5 Simple Time Management Techniques for Freelance Designers

  2. 10 Highly Common SEO Mistakes That Designers Make

  3. 5 Simple Ways Twitter Can Make You a Better Web Designer

  4. 19 Web Design Blogs you Should be Following

  5. The 5 Worst Mistakes That Web Designers Can Make

  6. Blogger, Designer, and Self-Employed – Interview with Chris Spooner

  7. PHP For Beginners: Part III

  8. Does Design Matter? Five Ugly Websites that Kill the Competition

  9. 10 Killer Firefox Add-ons For Web Designers and Developers

  10. 19 and Successful: Interview with Sam & Zach Dunn

  11. Easy Photoshop Tutorials for Realistic Things

  12. Top 10 Twitter Tools That Will Have You Tweeting Like a Rockstar

  13. Interview with Steven Snell – The lifestyle of a web designer, blogger, and freelance writer

  14. Create a Community Blog with 10 WordPress Plugins

  15. 75 Websites with the Best Typography

  16. Top 10 Creative (and free) WordPress Themes

  17. Dark vs. Light Design: Does it really matter?

  18. 10 Things to Consider When Working with your First Client

  19. 5 Techniques that Will Take your Design to the Next Level

  20. Interview with Jacob Gube of, a Web Design and Development Blog

  21. Predefined Variables in PHP: For complete beginners

  22. A Guide to Simplistic Web Design

  23. 6 Websites that Can Help you Increase Website Visitors

May 2009

  1. The Ultimate WordPress Theme Developer List

  2. 50 Textures of Man-made Origin

  3. Web design tips: The pros and cons of splash pages

  4. Important Components in Portfolio Design

  5. 5 Tools for the Lazy Web Designer

  6. 35 Grunge Resources: Brushes, textures, fonts and more

  7. 30 jQuery Tutorials for Complete Beginners

April 2009

  1. How did you become interested in becoming a webmaster, designer, or developer?

  2. 10 Odd and Creative Social Media Icon Sets

  3. 30+ Potential Problems with your Blog

  4. 10 Ways of Thinking that Can Make your Design Unique

  5. Grunge Web Design Tutorial

  6. 17 Web Designs with Interesting Perspective

  7. 20 Effective Ways to Increase Website Traffic

  8. 15 Beautiful Sky Textures

  9. A 5 Step Beginner’s Guide to Selling your Services Online

  10. Copyright for your Website

  11. Typography-based Web Design Tutorial

  12. Web design tips: Best practices for designing forms

March 2009

  1. Web developer’s library: What you should have

  2. 10 Needed WordPress Plugins

  3. An Excellent Series of PHP Tutorials

  4. Sleek Web Design Tutorial

  5. 10 Ways to Find Motivation to Blog

  6. jQuery Tutorial: Part III: Parameters

February 2009

  1. 40 Textures Inspired by Nature

  2. Web Design Tips: The Power of Alignment

  3. Increase Blog Traffic with Exponential Growth

  4. Logo Design 101

January 2009

  1. Web Design Trend: Typography

  2. jQuery Tutorial: Part II: Cascading Menu

  3. All About the New CSS3

  4. 5 Little Things to Spice up Any Design

December 2008

  1. Web Design Tips: The Use of Balance

  2. jQuery Tutorial: Part I

  3. The 9 Biggest Webmaster Mistakes

  4. Web Design Trend: Hand-Drawn Style

  5. Are SEO consultants worth the money?

  6. Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Text Effects

  7. 88 Resources for Web Developers

November 2008

  1. Photoshop Tutorial: Vintage Photo

  2. Reflection: A photoshop tutorial

  3. Link Bar: a Photoshop tutorial

  4. PHP for Beginners: Part II

  5. PHP For Beginners: Part I