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21 Oct 2009


The Freelancing Checklist: Before Going Full-Time


Many web professionals want to venture into freelancing for its number of obvious benefits. However, many are hesitant because of a few key factors: financial instability, more responsibility, and lack of experience.

This post is for those thinking about it — here’s a quick checklist that can make the transfer less painful.

16 Oct 2009


Announcing the Breadou Donut Giveaway Winners

Hot and Spicy Breadou

The winners of the Breadou Donut Giveaway for Webitect’s 1st birthday have been announced. Check out who’s won the three Breadou donut wrist-wrests, and how you can still get your own!

Thank you to all that participated in this weeks giveaway for Webitect’s 1st birthday. We really appreciated all of the comments and feedback we’ve gotten through it, and plan for a very bright 2nd birthday by providing more useful content to you, our readers within the upcoming year!

15 Oct 2009


A Webitect Birthday Freebie: 25pc. Blue Icon Set

Free Icons

In joy of the very day Webitect was born, we are giving away a free blue icon set — great for bloggers, designers, or webmasters of any sort.

A special thanks to one of our bloggers, Nick Parsons, for providing this free icon set to our readers.

These icons are 48×48 in PNG format. Click on the image preview to download the zip file.

10 Oct 2009


Breadou Donut Wrist-Wrest Giveaway (for Webitect’s 1st Birthday!)

Breadou wrist-wrest products look and smell like real bread, but are not actually bread at all. Instead they are fun, highly creative office accessories to show off to your coworkers and friends.

Yes, it’s Webitect’s 1st birthday — and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in just under a year. The official date is on October 15th, so be sure to share a few birthday comments then. :) It’s been a great experience, and we have more to share with you throughout the week in celebration!

06 Oct 2009


Incredible Digital Illustrations by Jerico Santander

Jerico Santander

We always love to post great inspiration for our designers, or perhaps just those who appreciate art, but we especially love to appreciate the hard work of individual artists.

Recently on the Behance network, we came across Jerico Santander’s digital illustrations — definitely worth a look.

04 Oct 2009


25 Black & White Minimalistic Web Designs

Minimalistic design is here to stay, and black and white web design is one of the ways to approach that. For both inspiration and example, here are twenty-five black & white themed web designs — with perhaps only the slightest hints of color or gray.

29 Sep 2009


40 Delightful Pieces of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is the art of blurring or bending the perspective of the camera so that everyday, life-size objects look delightfully miniature. Here are 40 great examples of just that form of photography, both for inspiration and fun!

23 Sep 2009


10 Things You Don’t Know About Scoring Web Design Clients

Clients are essential to a freelancing business, but many new designers don’t know how to get them. Here are ten things to know in order to gain a larger client base for you business.

One of the most scary areas of freelancing is not being able to find enough clients in order to make a living. Many just starting out have trouble knowing to to gain clients, and some unfortunately end up giving up freelancing altogether. However, finding and obtaining clients can be an easy task, when dealt with the correct way.

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