22 Mar 2010


Experience the Power of Desktop Blogging – Tips & Tools to Get You Started

Entrepreneurs and computer savvy techs aren’t the only ones that hit the keyboard hard and blog. With today’s online frenzy with vast social media networks everyone wants their voices to be heard. Not to say the least, if you’ve been online for more than 2 months you must have come across one or two blogs by now. Anyone that’s anyone has a weblog, and designers, developers, and creatives have caught on to the blogging craze.

Now, just because we’re mostly design and code oriented, this doesn’t mean we haven’t figured out a way to develop a blogging system that makes it much easier and quicker to post news online. As a matter of fact some of us have revolutionized blogging forever, and will continue to as long as juicy data is flowing through web servers and into our computers.

04 Feb 2010


15 Secrets That Can Make Your Next Blog Design More Effective


Have you ever thought about what a huge impact a blog’s design has on its perception by readers? If you’re going to run a blog as a business (or part of your business), branding should be one of your biggest considerations.

 And if you’re going to pull off a successful branding job, design is essential. Having a clean, reader-friendly design that is structured to accomplish your goals is, next to having excellent content, one of the best things you can do to help your blog succeed. Let’s look at 15 secrets that will help your next blog design stand out and be successful.

07 Oct 2009


10 Samples of How Blogs Display Their Posts

When it comes to designing a blog, one of the main elements of the design is how the posts are going to be displayed on the front page. Here you see some trends and samples of how other blogs are displaying their posts.

There is no perfect recipe for designing the way a blog will be displayed, it vary mostly depending on the content of the blog, the style of it’s design, the amount of posts made and much more. The most important thing is to first select all elements that you want to display and place them the way it will play out the best on your design.

13 Sep 2009


5 Essential tips to Create a Good and Original Listing Post

It’s easy to see that “Roundup/listing” posts are the biggest blogging trend of the year; every single blog you go to has a listing of something, the coolest this, the best of that, some blogs don’t even have any other content besides listings.

It’s very hard to be original when you have thousands of listings being posted everyday, and you don’t want to disappoint your users by showing them something they have already seen before.

07 Sep 2009


Pushing Your Blog to the Top — 10 Ways to Make it Happen

With an average of over 900,000 blog posts being made per 24 hour period, it’s no doubt that it’s easy to fall into the sea of unknown blogging mediocrity. But have you ever noticed how some bloggers meet with almost instant success?

Have you ever been to a blog and immediately felt at home? Have you seen how some blogs become landmarks, places that people refer back to and compare other blogs to? Here are 10 ways to make your blog one of those landmarks.

03 Sep 2009


The Benefits of Running a Blog as a Freelancer (Tips Included)

Blogging is a great way to advance your career and business, even if your only willing to blog part-time. Starting a blog is a fun way to compliment your portfolio, share what you know, get into the community, and overall upgrade your freelancing career quite a bit. Here are a few of the benefits, and 20 tips to get you started.

22 Jul 2009


10 Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Design Blog

WordPress is used by bloggers and content managers everywhere. It’s particularly popular amongst the web design blogging scene, mainly for it’s ease of use and it’s massive library of plugins that extend the functionality far beyond what the bare bones system offers.

Let’s take a look at 10 must-have plugins for your Web Design related blog…

14 Jul 2009


101 Killer WordPress Plugins to Meet Anyone’s Needs

WordPress is easily the best and most robust blogging platform available today. Part of the reason for the success and “staple” status of WordPress is due to the availability of thousands of plugins that can take your blogging experience from novice to pro overnight.

Thanks to the WordPress community, there has probably been a plugin (or 6) developed for nearly every problem/situation/need that has ever arisen when it comes to using WordPress.

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