15 Jun 2009


Create a Community Blog with 10 WordPress Plugins

12 Jun 2009


Top 10 Creative (and free) WordPress Themes

24 Apr 2009


30+ Potential Problems with your Blog

Everyone wants a great blog, but most beginners don’t know where to start. If you have a blog already up and running, these 32 tips may help you improve even more.

I wanted to draw from my own personal experiences about blogging. Some of these techniques were hard-learned processes, and some I’m even still working on, having them in mindset for Webitect’s future. Hopefully, my experiences can help you too.

30 Mar 2009


10 Needed WordPress Plugins

Some WordPress plugins are pointless, others are fun, but these 10 are needed by any blogger. It can be impossible to find the right ones, so I’ve collected a list of, in my opinion, the top 10 WordPress plugins, and responded to why they’re helpful.

06 Mar 2009


10 Ways to Find Motivation to Blog

Blogging ruts happen to the best of us. It’s not to say that you’re lazy or don’t finish things you’ve started. Most of the time, it’s just a lack of motivation.

Because everyone experiences a blogging rut, I hope this post will appeal to all of my readers. Here are 10 tips and ideas to get out of a rut, and to keep your posts coming.

16 Feb 2009


Increase Blog Traffic with Exponential Growth

I’ve decided I’ve done enough design posts lately, so I’m here again with a post concerning website traffic. Today I’m going to focus on how to build long-term website traffic, with the power of exponential growth.

I am going to be focusing this post particularly on blogs rather than plain websites. Can a regular website gain traffic with this same method? Of course, but blogs are natural attractions for search engines and visitor growth, and so I’m focusing on blogs because there is so much more you can do with them to help the process along.

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