07 May 2009


35 Grunge Resources: Brushes, textures, fonts and more

Grunge design is very popular right now, but can only be implemented with the correct resources. A design may need brushes, textures, fonts, the correct colors, and a set of tutorials to pull off a variety of effects.

Here are 35 excellent grunge resources for anyone to use. For more information on how to create a grunge-style website layout, visit Webitect’s tutorial: Grunge Web Design Tutorial.

27 Apr 2009


10 Odd and Creative Social Media Icon Sets

Icon sets representing feed and social media sites are all over the web, giving webmasters noticeable promotion tools. However, most look the same, or very close to the same. These designers changed it up, and created 10 social media and feed icon sets that are sure be noticed, effective, and most importantly– fun.

Use these 10 icon sets as promotion tools, or for you’re own inspiration when creating icons.

1) Feed & Twitter Monsters

These only come in RSS and Twitter icons, but are fun nonetheless. Use the various sizes of these somewhere on your site, and the icon can be a main feature of a simplistic design. There’s nothing wrong with a design’s main feature being a form of promotion.

08 Apr 2009


15 Beautiful Sky Textures

The sky can take on so many forms and can also create so many forms of inspiration and design. Clouds, weather, stars, day and night all make for great design.

Enjoy these 15 Beautiful Sky Textures found on Flickr. All are large scale, high resolution– great for backgrounds or texture use.

Clouds on Steroids

28 Feb 2009


40 Textures Inspired by Nature

There are a lot of things you can do with texture in web design, and it’s always an inspiring challenge to think of interesting ways of utilizing them. One of my favorite inspiration methods is nature, and what a better way to use nature in web design than to look at alternative views of nature through texture.

I’ve collected 40, relatively large textures created by nature under the categories of rock, leaves, water, ice, wood, animal skins/fur, feathers, grass, and sand. With the shapes, depth, and color nature can create on it’s own, using these textures to create art is only a small step away.

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