15 Oct 2009


A Webitect Birthday Freebie: 25pc. Blue Icon Set

Free Icons

In joy of the very day Webitect was born, we are giving away a free blue icon set — great for bloggers, designers, or webmasters of any sort.

A special thanks to one of our bloggers, Nick Parsons, for providing this free icon set to our readers.

These icons are 48×48 in PNG format. Click on the image preview to download the zip file.

14 Oct 2009


How Famous Web Designers Present their Portfolio

This is something that always instigates me, how web designers should present their portfolio on the website. Should they use the same principals and trends from the graphic design portfolio to present their web work?

I’ve selected some very well known web designers, to check closely how they present their work within their website and give you a good idea of how you could present yours.

07 Oct 2009


10 Samples of How Blogs Display Their Posts

When it comes to designing a blog, one of the main elements of the design is how the posts are going to be displayed on the front page. Here you see some trends and samples of how other blogs are displaying their posts.

There is no perfect recipe for designing the way a blog will be displayed, it vary mostly depending on the content of the blog, the style of it’s design, the amount of posts made and much more. The most important thing is to first select all elements that you want to display and place them the way it will play out the best on your design.

06 Oct 2009


Incredible Digital Illustrations by Jerico Santander

Jerico Santander

We always love to post great inspiration for our designers, or perhaps just those who appreciate art, but we especially love to appreciate the hard work of individual artists.

Recently on the Behance network, we came across Jerico Santander’s digital illustrations — definitely worth a look.

05 Oct 2009


40 Black and White Minimalistic WordPress Themes

As Kayla mentioned earlier: “Minimalistic design is here to stay!”, and indeed it is. Below is a fine collection of 40 black & white minimal WordPress themes, most of which are 100% free for download!

04 Oct 2009


25 Black & White Minimalistic Web Designs

Minimalistic design is here to stay, and black and white web design is one of the ways to approach that. For both inspiration and example, here are twenty-five black & white themed web designs — with perhaps only the slightest hints of color or gray.

01 Oct 2009


15 Must Know Sources for Free Web Graphics

Knowing how and where to quickly find free design resources is a great asset to any designer. Today we’ll look at the top sources for icons, photos and vectors- and what makes them the best.

While there are plenty of sources for web graphics, it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for, especially when you’re looking for free resources. Plus, many of the free sources out there are for personal use only, which severely limits their usefulness. Here I’ve collected 15 impressive sources for free icons, photos, textures and vectors.

28 Sep 2009


The Pros and Cons of 10 Unique Photographers Portfolio Websites

The idea of browsing through a photographer portfolio is the same to open a photo book and smoothly go through all the photos, but depending on the design of the website the experience may not be so smooth.

The most important thing about a photographer website is not the design, but the structure that is going to show his portfolio. Each photographer has a different portfolio in every aspect therefore their websites are very unique to fit their own display of work.

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