17 Mar 2010


Create A Simple Letter Press Effect in Photoshop

Letter Press

Letter Press typography is very popular at the moment in both web and graphic design. Here’s a little step-by-step tutorial that will make you master the letter press effect for sure.

06 Dec 2008


Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Text Effects

Here’s another tutorial on Photoshop from Kasey. It’s about making 3D text, and the options you can use to go along with it. Very basic tutorial, but a powerful technique for any sort of website design.

25 Nov 2008


Photoshop Tutorial: Vintage Photo

There has been a new tutorial added from Matt Lidlum. It is how to make a Vintage-style photo in Photoshop. Very neat technique.

19 Nov 2008


Reflection: A photoshop tutorial

There is a new Photoshop tutorial available on simple reflecting techniques. Most designers know that reflection and gradients are key factors to Web 2.0 design. Matt Lidlum goes through the basics of gradients, color, and the use of the Skew property to make great looking reflections effects on both text and photos.

18 Nov 2008


Link Bar: a Photoshop tutorial

Kasey has taken the time to proved a detailed video tutorial for Photoshop on creating a basic link bar. The finer details of web design are what make designs great. A professional, sleek navigation bar is a great addition to any website layout. Click the read more link to view the video.