11 Nov 2009


Flash Template for Designers Giveaway by Warm Forest


Today we are giving out a few flash templates from Warm Forest, enter for your chance to win a handcrafted, super-costomizable Flash template made for designers, agencies and photographers.

Warm Forest sites are designed with a strong focus on typography, grids and usability and use the latest Flash technology including back button support and deeplinking. You can easily customize all aspects of your site – from adding your own logo to changing all the colors – without knowing any ActionScript or even owning Flash. The ActionScript source code is included so designers with an interest in Flash can learn how a professional, best practices following Flash site is put together

10 Nov 2009


Increasing Online Sales Using Persuasive Elements


Whether you selling a web design service or just a simple product, we are always trying to sell more in order to make a better living. If you want to sell more, it’s important that you know how the real sellers sell their stuff. They use persuasive elements on every sale. A website should have them as well.

Every time you go out to shop to get a nice tuxedo or you go to the dealership to look at some cars, you get a free class of persuasion (if you get a good salesman). We are going to study more each element or persuasion that can be transported to the digital environment.

05 Nov 2009


Workspace is Part of our Lives


Everyone that lives a work life on a table mostly using a computer should at some point realize that this workspace is where we spend a good amount of our lives and we that in mind we should make the best out of it.

To stay away from a high stress environment is necessary to have good workspace, but What’s a good workspace? A good workspace is the one that fits you best, that solves your problems all in one place whether you have a tiny little space next to your bed or a big office with a beautiful view. Here you will see some workspace display and learn some tips on how to make the best of the workspace you have to make your work more fluent and dynamic.

16 Oct 2009


Announcing the Breadou Donut Giveaway Winners

Hot and Spicy Breadou

The winners of the Breadou Donut Giveaway for Webitect’s 1st birthday have been announced. Check out who’s won the three Breadou donut wrist-wrests, and how you can still get your own!

Thank you to all that participated in this weeks giveaway for Webitect’s 1st birthday. We really appreciated all of the comments and feedback we’ve gotten through it, and plan for a very bright 2nd birthday by providing more useful content to you, our readers within the upcoming year!

15 Oct 2009


A Webitect Birthday Freebie: 25pc. Blue Icon Set

Free Icons

In joy of the very day Webitect was born, we are giving away a free blue icon set — great for bloggers, designers, or webmasters of any sort.

A special thanks to one of our bloggers, Nick Parsons, for providing this free icon set to our readers.

These icons are 48×48 in PNG format. Click on the image preview to download the zip file.

10 Oct 2009


Breadou Donut Wrist-Wrest Giveaway (for Webitect’s 1st Birthday!)

Breadou wrist-wrest products look and smell like real bread, but are not actually bread at all. Instead they are fun, highly creative office accessories to show off to your coworkers and friends.

Yes, it’s Webitect’s 1st birthday — and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in just under a year. The official date is on October 15th, so be sure to share a few birthday comments then. :) It’s been a great experience, and we have more to share with you throughout the week in celebration!

29 Sep 2009


40 Delightful Pieces of Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift photography is the art of blurring or bending the perspective of the camera so that everyday, life-size objects look delightfully miniature. Here are 40 great examples of just that form of photography, both for inspiration and fun!

22 Jul 2009


10 Must-Have Plugins for Your WordPress Design Blog

WordPress is used by bloggers and content managers everywhere. It’s particularly popular amongst the web design blogging scene, mainly for it’s ease of use and it’s massive library of plugins that extend the functionality far beyond what the bare bones system offers.

Let’s take a look at 10 must-have plugins for your Web Design related blog…

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