04 May 2009


30 jQuery Tutorials for Complete Beginners

jQuery (a friendly JavaScript library) seems to be substatially popular among programmers, and even non-programmers. It’s capability to add more visual appeal and dynamic solutions to websites makes it ideal for all webmasters.

I haven’t been able to continue the jQuery tutorials on Webitect at a pace I originally would’ve liked to, so I’m going to share 30 jQuery tutorials that are easy to follow, and most of which have helped me get started. First, let’s do a quick review on what jQuery is, for those who are unaware.

24 Mar 2009


An Excellent Series of PHP Tutorials

I recently discovered this set of PHP tutorials, and was so impressed I thought I’d share them with my own readers. I’ve been studying PHP on my own for years, so most of this was pretty familiar to me. However, these tutorials are so detailed and well-made that I still learned new things at the beginner level.

Unfortunately, he’s going to only make 15 screencasts for this set, and plans to end the entire series there. (I did root for him to create an intermediate series in a comment once, though. We’ll see what happens.)

I’ve embedded the first video here, but you can view it on the home site along with links to all the others here.

Side Note:

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been busy with finishing up a term at school and getting up my portfolio. I have two weeks free now, however, so I should start updating more.

02 Dec 2008


88 Resources for Web Developers

All web developers and web designers should know about the wonderful world of free resources. I’ve compiled a list of graphics, tools, tutorials, and generators that will make creating websites a much faster process, and hopefully produce better designers.

Here are 88 resources that can make your life as a web designer/developer much, much easier.

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