Are you a designer or developer with good writing skills and a desire to get some brand-building community exposure? We are looking for contributors, so if that sounds like you and you’d be interested in writing for Webitect, I’ll be happy to have you on board! There’s more than a couple benefits:

What You’ll Get Out of It

If you’re spending your time and donating your knowledge to the community, you most certainly deserve a fair reward, and at Webitect we do our very best to do that for our authors. Here’s some of what you can expect as a contributor here:

  • Your name, link and bio will be posted at the end of every post you write, on Webitect’s about page, and on your author archive page.
  • Webitect’s authors aren’t just writers – they’re team members. You’ll be entitled to sneak peeks at upcoming features & freebies,  advanced notice of events, etc.
  • For in-depth and high-quality articles,  I will offer payment. This will vary from article to article, but please ask if you have questions.

Some General Guidelines

You’re still reading – that’s good! If writing for Webitect sounds like something you’d be interested in, here are some general formatting & content guidelines to keep in mind:

  • It’s best to stick to design & development topics. If in doubt, you’re always welcome to send me your article idea so you don’t spend time writing something we can’t publish
  • You can and should use h3 tags for sub headings – break it up well and make it scannable!
  • The more images the merrier, so include lots of images (they should be 600px wide)
  • Articles will be accepted/rejected based on originality, usefulness, and writing quality. That means we love things like “How to Create a Twitter-Like WordPress Theme from  Scratch”, but not “50 Beautiful Websites That Everybody has Already Seen in Other Showcases”. Quality is always better than quantity.

How to Get Started

Ready to go? Here’s how to get started writing your first article for us:

  1. The first thing to do is head on over to the contact page and introduce yourself – what your background is, why you’d like to write for Webitect, and most importantly, what you plan to write about. If you don’t have any ideas, that fine too – I’ll be happy to suggest some.
  2. Now you can set to work on your masterpiece! Whatever schedule works best for you is fine for me – I don’t like to rush anyone.
  3. After the article/tutorial is all written in HTML format, you can zip it up along with the images you’ve selected and email it to me, along with a short author bio and your URL. I’ll let you know when I plan to publish it.
  4. On publication day, I’ll send you an email letting you know your post has been published. You can help vote it up on the social networks, if you choose, and then sit back and bask in the glory!

Go For It!

I do encourage you to try doing some guest posting, whether it’s for Webitect or somewhere else. It’s great for your business and it seems to always sharpen your skills a bit more, too. And if you do decide to write for us, we’ll be happy to welcome you into the Webitect team!