Exclusive Freebie – “Groovy” Social Media Icon Set

I’m glad to announce that today we have a special freebie release for Webitect’s faithful readers and subscribers – a fresh 8 piece social media icon set!

This set has a clean modern feel, comes in four different sizes perfect for blogging (64, 48, 32, 22), and best of all has a completely free unrestrictive license, meaning that you can modify them, use them in personal or commercial projects, and even include them in commercial products (like themes or templates).

About the Set

I got the idea for this set as I was looking for a clean, minimal social icon set that had a zesty personality and yet would adapt well to almost any design. They’re meant to be used on a blog or portfolio as social sharing/connection icons, but you’re welcome to do whatever you’d like with them. Their are no requirements for using them, but if you do use these icons I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below so that I can check out your work and see the good use you’re putting them to!

Also, one quick tip – the icons are simply black png images, which means that you could very easily apply an addition filter and recolor them to match your color scheme.

Anyways, without further ado, here they are: enjoy them!

Download .zip – 66kb

Also, if you folks are interested we may release a sequel that has some more types of social icons in it (Reddit, Technorati, Dzone, …). I kept this set small and focused on the most common social media sites, but an expansion will gladly be offered if there’s demand for it. Thanks, and good luck!

Written By Nick Parsons

Nick is the editor of Webitect and a developer + designer from Houston TX.


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