6 Under-The-Radar jQuery Animation Plugins That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

There are plenty of great, useful jQuery plugins out there. It’s great to have those kinds of plugins and know where to find them, and the community has done an excellent job of giving those plugins the attention they deserve.

There’s a whole other class of plugins, however – brilliant masterpieces that make your jaw drop as you go, “Whoa!! How did they do that?!” You don’t find them every day, but they’re definitely out there. Today we’re going to dig through the development community and unearth 6 of those amazing under-publicized animation plugins that are guaranteed to impress every developer-at-heart. Let’s get started!

#1 – Blend

The first one is Blend: a spectacular background animation plugin by Jack Moore. In addition to being cross browser compatible, it has a huge range of interesting options (like ‘pulse’, enabling you to give the background a pulsating effect). And, at only 1.4kb it’s quite small given its amazing background-animation enabling qualities.

#2 – Sexy Curls

This plugin (created and released by Elliot Kember) enables you to easily implement a draggable peel-back effect on any web page – very fascinating. Although not as practical as many other plugins, it’s still an impressive effect implemented in a smart, lightweight manner.

#3 – Roundabout

Written by Fred leBlanc, Roundabout is a carousel-effect type plugin. It allow you to easily create attractive rotating vertical or horizontal lists. To get the full effect, you’ll have to check out Fred’s demo – I know you’ll be amazed.

#4 – Flip

I was so excited when I found Flip – it is meant to create an illusion like an element is being ‘flipped’ around to show the other side, and wow is it awesome. It also has plenty of options, enabling you to flip things at different speeds in different directions. Flip was written by Luca Manno; I highly recommend it.

#5 – Quicksand

Quicksand (by RazorJack) is a filtering/reordering plugin with a really neat set of shuffling animations. You definitely have to see it to get the full effect – I can’t wait to use it in my next project.

#6 – jQZoom

The last one is jQZoom – perhaps less revolutionary than the others but impressive nonetheless. jQZoom (released by MindProjects) is a versatile image magnifying/zooming tool. It would be excellent for ecommerce sites and portfolios.

Special Bonus: 3 More Sources for Exciting Animation Wizardry

If you’re like me, seeing awesome coding work like this makes me want to get out there and start doing it myself. Here are a few extra hand-chosen bonus links to get you started on your journey through jQuery-animation land:

Any questions or other great under-appreciated plugin you know of? Let us know!

Written By Nick Parsons

Nick is the editor of Webitect and a developer + designer from Houston TX.


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    Great list, thank you for taking the time to compile it! :)

  17. Mark

    January 4th, 2012 at 10:08 am

    A lot of great jQuery plugins here!
    My personal preference is the I use the blend function, I tend to use this a lot on navigation when CSS3 easing isn’t applicable!
    (example: http://www.threecountiescentre.co.uk/) I like the feel it gives to a website, professional, and thought out.

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