The Ultimate Best of ’09 Collection


We’v just passed that time of year where we see a lot of blogs take a look back at the archives and produce some wonderful ”Best of 2009″ posts. These present a terrific learning opportunitiy, and an easy way to find your way back to the ‘cream-of-the-crop’ posts of ’09. I like to bookmark these types of post and refer back to them a lot.

Today, I’m sharing the complete collection of 2009 round-ups – a super round-up that represents the very best from the blogging community. Come check it out!

Build Internet


Build Internet is a web design/dev blog founded a little more than a year ago by Sam and Zach Dunn. They’ve had a fantastic year – see their best posts and some cool facts in their post, “Build Internet 2009 – The Year in Review“.



CatsWhoCode (owned by Jean-Baptiste Jung) did not produce a best collection of their own posts, but they did have a fabulous Top WordPress Hacks of 2009 post, which is definitely useful enough to gain a place on this list!



Although it’s not a web design/dev blog, Copyblogger is a terrific way for we designers/developers to enhance our writing skills and learn a bit more. Plus, since it’s very well written since it’s authored by copywriters. Here is the Best of Copyblogger 2009.

The emphasis of is community submissions, so there were many excellent 2009 roundups from lesser known design blogs that were submitted over at Here are the best:



Freelance Folder is in my opinion the best freelancing blog out there. They also produced a fun 2009 Best Posts Edition.



If you haven’t been following InstantShift, you should be. They produced a couple of noteworthy ’09 wrapups – 30 Best Movie Posters of 2009 and Top Articles on the Web Design Billboard in December09.



MyInkBlog is a fun design blog – check out their 2009 Wrapup.



NetTuts+ is part of the Envato Network and definitely one of the best sources on the web for develepment tutorials. Their 2009 crown-jewel is a highly useful post called 120 Tips, Tricks and Tuts from 2009 Worth Your Time.



Darren has made ProBlogger a huge authority in the blogosphere, and he gives you the year’s best in his Best of Problogger 2009 Holiday Series.



Six Revisions contributed several unique posts, and even though not all of them are best-of roundups, these are all completely worth the time you’ll spend reading them:

Vandelay Design


Vandelay, another design blog, had several worthwhile 2009 look-back collections:

Webdesigner Depot

webdesigner depot

Webdesigner Depot has increasingly become a huge influence in the design community. Get the best all in one swoop in their Most Popular Posts of 2009 post.

Web Design Ledger


WDL has been busy producing some very high-quality content this last year. They wrapped it up with an astounding and incredibly useful set of 2009 round-ups – check these out:

Make The Most Of It!

Well, that concludes my favorites – I hope you’ll enjoy browsing back through here, catching up on anything you missed and hopefully referring to it throughout the year. Be sure to leave a link in the comments if you know of any more high-quality “Best of ’09″ collections!

Written By Nick Parsons

Nick is the editor of Webitect and a developer + designer from Houston TX.


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