08 Feb 2009


Logo Design 101

Logo design is an essential skill for any web designer to know, whether you sell designs professionally or just maintain your own website. It’s a great branding tool, and a great way for visitors to remember your website, or your client’s website.

I always seem to find two flaws relating to logos when web designers are just starting out. The first (and the worst) is when an aspiring professional designer does not understand the importance of a logo. Any client is going to want a logo implemented into their design, and it’s important to understand a logo’s great impact nonetheless. The second is when a new web designer tries to make a logo, but it’s not really a logo. It’s a banner, a header, or just an image.

Let’s define a bit better what a logo is, by defining the elements of a good logo.

23 Jan 2009


Web Design Trend: Typography

Typography is sometimes overlooked in web design, or in most cases, considered, but not considered nearly enough. Text is everywhere, from web design, to t-shirts, posters, and signs. The elements of a font can influence and determine how a viewer perceives a design, just as much as images, color, and other more noticeable web elements.

19 Jan 2009


jQuery Tutorial: Part II: Cascading Menu

A cascading menu is a navigation technique that can add a lot of style to any website. Without flash, you can create a flash-like navigation system that is not only fun to look at and use, but is also functional and organized.

We will be creating a very ugly cascading menu for this tutorial, but with a bit of CSS knowledge and creativity, you can make yourself a custom-made and fun menu. Here is what we’ll be making:

Cascading Menu: jQuery.Webitect.net/cascading_menu

17 Jan 2009


All About the New CSS3

It took about 10 years, but CSS3 has finally been created. Hopefully, soon, CSS2 will be no more. I’m sure most of you are like me, you don’t care about what version of CSS you’re using, as long as you know how to use it. That’s why the introduction of CSS3 didn’t appeal to me at first. I soon found out though, that there may be a bit I want to learn about it.

10 Jan 2009


5 Little Things to Spice up Any Design

Attention to detail is the best policy for making great designs. It’s fairly easy to get a basic CSS layout up and running, whether you code it yourself or borrow it from a blank template site. For anyone who’s tried to make a great design, though, they can easily tell that making the design truly great is the hardest part. If you find yourself always displeased with your finished result, perhaps the problem is that you shouldn’t actually be finished.

30 Dec 2008


Web Design Tips: The Use of Balance

I often see webmasters who complain that they don’t have a ‘knack’ for the design element to creating websites. What most people don’t realize, though, is that design skills are a learned aspect for even the greatest designers. Nobody is born a great artist, whether their talents included an easel or a web design template.

In order to create good designs, especially in web design where functionality is so important, one needs to understand design principles. These include understanding color, size, contrast, shape, and what I’m going to be focusing on today, balance.

22 Dec 2008


jQuery Tutorial: Part I

Throughout the recent months of reading other design blogs, I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers talking about, and using, jQuery. I ignored it at first, realizing it wasn’t a language I wanted to learn at this point. However, I’ve now been noticing that everyone’s been using it, and it is almost becoming a necessity for the web designer in today’s world.

So that is why I have decided to start a series of jQuery tutorials myself. It is a pretty straight-forward language, especially if you’re familiar with JavaScript. I’d like to write this series of tutorials from the perspective of a person who has never even heard of jQuery, because I was this person myself just a few months ago. I am, of course, not an expert at this point, but I plan to grow upon the tutorials as I learn more about the language, and the tricks you can do with it.

18 Dec 2008


The 9 Biggest Webmaster Mistakes

If you currently own a website, which I’m assuming most of you do if you’re reading this, chances are you have a big list of mistakes you’ve made as a webmaster. I have my own as well, and even today, after years of creating and maintaining websites, I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of good website creation.

I saw this “Biggest Webmaster Mistakes” title on Helium, and was immediately inspired to write for it. I started thinking, “I spend my time writing articles that tell webmasters how they can achieve this, or how they should do that. But why have I not yet written anything on what they should not do?”

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