10 Feb 2010


350+ Amazing CSS3 Resources – All You’ll Ever Need to Become a CSS3 Master!

css3 resources

Knowledge of CSS3 is fast becoming a crucial element of any web designer/developer’s skillset, which means that it’s an excellent time to start learning, if you haven’t already! A solid knowledge of CSS3 has a large market value and will take you a long way towards success, giving you an image of competence and authority.

Thankfully, there’s a huge amount of terrific tutorials and resources available – if you can find them. Here you’ll find an amazing ‘ultimate’ toolbox of over 350 of the best tuts and tips out there. Get ready to be amazed!

08 Feb 2010


30+ Tips, Tools and Resources for Taking the Pain out of Cross-Browser CSS

no more css pain

We’re all familiar with the often long, headache-inducing process of testing and correcting our code to get it working cross-browser.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to go through so much pain to achieve a good-looking result?

Actually, you don’t! With the right knowledge, tools, and smarts, you can tackle a CSS design and get it working quickly and painlessly. With this in mind, we’re going to look at some of the excellent tools, articles and resources that will help you work smarter and cut the pain out of writing cross-browser CSS.

04 Feb 2010


15 Secrets That Can Make Your Next Blog Design More Effective


Have you ever thought about what a huge impact a blog’s design has on its perception by readers? If you’re going to run a blog as a business (or part of your business), branding should be one of your biggest considerations.

 And if you’re going to pull off a successful branding job, design is essential. Having a clean, reader-friendly design that is structured to accomplish your goals is, next to having excellent content, one of the best things you can do to help your blog succeed. Let’s look at 15 secrets that will help your next blog design stand out and be successful.

01 Feb 2010


20 Inspiring Rainbow Colored Websites


Multicolor websites can be tricky to pull off, but when done right the results can be absolutely stunning! Using every hue in the rainbow enable designers to achieve an unrivaled vibrancy, buoyancy and energy.

That said, it always helps to see how other designers have done it and incorporated that wide range of spectrum into their designs. Enjoy this collection of 20 vibrant spectrum-spanning websites,  and be inspired!

29 Jan 2010


Open Thread: What Makes You a Good Designer?

good design

Today I’d like to try something new and have a fun discussion on what makes someone a ‘good’ designer. What’s your opinion?

I think it will be exciting to talk and compare opinions on what it really is the makes you a good designer. Hopefully you can even come away with some new thoughts on how to be better!  

28 Jan 2010


15 Ways to Expand Your Horizons as a Designer


Do you want to spend this year doing the same things you did last year – stuck in the same schedule, the same income bracket, facing the same problems? Of course not!

Everybody needs to take some time now and then to refresh, look at how they’ve been doing things, and then figure out how to climb a bit higher. Here’s a list of 15 ideas to help you break out of the rut and expand your horizons - some thoughts to inspire you and get you started.

27 Jan 2010


Top 10 Free Applications That Help Designers Stay Organized


As designers, it’s important to stay current with new trends and to sharpen your skills when needed. But how effective can these skills really be if you’re not organized? Being a cool and collected designer that’s organized is key to your success. Without the discipline a designer needs in today’s industry, it will be a bit hard to stay afloat when large and very important projects that require this skill come your way.

This is why we’ve compiled a list containing the Top 10 Free Applications That Help Designers Stay Organized. Takes these applications seriously and use them to systemize and enhance your workflow.

26 Jan 2010


Top 10 Ways for a Designer to Screw Up


It’s easy to mess up as a designer, and it’s important to recognize and stay away from the mistakes that will make your life harder. Today we’re going to study 10  blunders that are common in and specific to designers so that you can keep an eye out for them in your life and avoid learning the lesson the hard way.

These aren’t design principles like “always make a clear call to action”, they are the business and life choices that can make or break your career. Here’s what you don’t do:

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