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24 Aug 2009


20+ Creative Album Cover Designs for Inspiration

The graphic design industry has flourished before our eyes, and there’s no doubt of how it has changed the perception of our world. However, there is one form of graphic design that is often forgotten: album cover design.

Album covers are of the most inspirational forms of design there is. With the rise of the Internet, we don’t buy CD’s often enough anymore to view their creative covers, and are thus forcing out an entire genre of graphic design. To regain that source of inspiration, here are more than 20 of the best album covers out there.

24 Aug 2009


50 Blue Websites: Variety in the Most Common Color

With blue being such a basic color, many designers shy away from it in hopes that an alternative color will make their designs more creative. However, just like all colors, blue can come in a variety of shades, hues, and moods. Applied in the right context, blue can truly be amazing.

12 Aug 2009


25+ Intriquet Examples of Macro Photography in Nature

Macro photography is a style of photography that involves finding focus in close-up subjects. Through correct focus, macro photography can provide amazing detail, and open up a world we could never have even imagined.

Some of the best detailed inspiration can come from nature. Here are more than 25 examples of excellent macro photography with a nature subject. When viewing these, look for shape, texture, focus, and color, and then try to bring the same into your own designs.

05 Aug 2009


20+ HDR Photographs that Make the Ordinary Look Extraordinary

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, photography is an amazing form of art that creates a mix between realism and illusion. When we view ordinary things in HDR — it’s almost as if we’ve never seen them before at all.

31 Jul 2009


This Week’s Best Online Sources for Inspiration

Every week there are a lot of sources of inspiration and showcases showing only the best. In reverse, here is a showcase of those showcases — here is a showcase of this week’s best sources for design inspiration.

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